Golly has it been a while since i've updated or what? On the guide:CRM and I are talking about an official update... but if they don't get back to me soon they can forget it, I need to schedule my work for the next couple months otherwise i'll be too busy to write.
Speaking of too busy to write... sorry about that folks but paying the rent got real hard there for a bit and I had to practically kill myself to get things on an even keel. I'm doing better now and have high hopes.
The teaser poster on the front page... In association with a couple few very talented A:M users I have set forth on a quest this quest is very exciting and will be coming your way very soon.... how soon? well sooner than you might think! check out the teaser page and keep checking back for details!


We have moved web hosts... again... this time we went with a slightly more expensive and slightly more limited option than in the past (only 700 Megs of disk space... will eventually have to up that I'm sure) but with any luck it will also be slightly more reliable... we shall see. So again time to point at yon donate button and remind you all that I do pay out of pocket to keep this information available to all. just sayin is all :) .


Fixed login problems for the reader's section


Revamped the look of the site to match the new digs in the reader's section. The new Alpha has megnawing at the the bit to get the update ready for you all. Log in to the reader's section and get the introduction
Notice the donate button? Well that's there to allow you guys to help out with bandwidth and hosting costs if you should so choose. Got an extra nickle in your pay pal account? go ahead and send it my way =).


Uploaded a lamp example to the freebies. For the readers the v10 update has been available for a while, but I forgot to update the index page here. while you are in there read the latest comment and give me your opinions please.


Moved to Chicago and getting settled. The server will be back up with the update for 2003 in the readers section soon.tidying up the layout while I'm at it. The server change has required a new log-in procedure for the readers section so that will take a day or two to get up and running. patience =). Heck everything will take a couple days =)


Updates to the Readers section, these include the windows product demos that were mistakenly left off the disk and an updated version of the Washer character from the chapter 9 folder of the disk. Special thanks to Noel at Hash who pin pointed the problem so i could fix it. My hair demo notes will be up inside the week, and I am working on a PDF explaining expressions in v10 Alpha, stay tuned!


Well, I'm off to Siggraph and hope to see some of you there, I will be doing demo's of the new hair tools in A:M 2002 at the hash booth at 2PM all three days of the show. I am not sure if the book will be in your hands by then but I hope it will. The Readers Area has some new content not a lot but just the start of what i think will be a great feature of the book. The demo I do at Siggraph is of course being taped for the next pro serries tapes that hash will release. But i will upload all the files and a PDF with a summary of the live demo to the Readers Area when i get back home. This will include a fairly nice model of a Rat, that will be fully textured with hair. I hope you all get a lot out of the book and look forward to the next few months!


The Q & A section is up, which pretty much gets us started out here. I will be making some changes to the readers section and taking that live soon, and as soon as you get your books you will be able to access that part of the site, but the rest is open so please kick the tires and if you find any typos or other mistakes please let me know.