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"David Rogers' book is fantastic! Comprehensive, relevant, and fun to read... appropriate whether you're a newbie or a pro!" -Jim Sherwood

"I have never read a book by someone as accessible as David Rogers. This
guy is amazing..." "I know the enormous work it takes to publish something in the first
place. To follow up with support like that is, well, unheard of." -Al Hatch

"So far, I consider Animation:Master 2002 A Complete Guide to be one of
the best investments I have made in learning AM." -Dr Eddie

"I've been a casual user of A:M
since '98. I've already learned four very useful things about the
program in just the first 36 pages -- and those pages are really meant
as an introduction to the program! I can't wait to see what other gems
the book holds!" Jim Tobin

"As a Hash newbie, this book has cleared up so many things for me that I thought I understood, but really didn't." -Bob

"David, this is a great resource, thanks!" -Jeff Cantin

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